Buy IPhone 6S: Marvelous 12 Megapixel Camera

The amazing camera of iPhone 6S catches the limelight. It’s swift and hassle free to buy iPhone 6s in Dubai via Place your orders to get your favorite product handed over within 2-3 days covering free shipping. Now, how about the camera interface that has taken over the crowd?  Larger technical innovations on the horizon by Apple seem to be clearly coming up. The rear optics now offers 12 megapixel resolution (previously 8 megapixels). It takes on not only panoramic photos up to 64 megapixels resolution but also a 4K video (3840×2160 pixels). The front camera activates now on with 5 megapixels.


When taking the selfies with the front camera, the display itself serves as a tremendous replacement. The short boots up to three times the brightness while shooting. Apple also adjusts the colors of the display to the environment.  Continue reading